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Chiropractic and nutritional counseling in Lubbock, TX

Chronic pain is often caused by spinal misalignment, but did you know that your nutrition also has a major impact on spinal health? McAlpin Chiropractic can help you manage chronic pain through a combination of chiropractic care and nutritional counseling. Conditions like obesity, diabetes and heart disease can take a serious toll on your musculoskeletal system and increase the strain on your spine, muscles and ligaments. Dr. McAlpin will assess your unique needs and recommend the best supplements and foods to enhance your overall health and well-being.

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Get the lifestyle advice you need to thrive

McAlpin Chiropractic in Lubbock, Texas offers chiropractic care and nutritional support to help our clients manage chronic pain and live healthier lifestyles. When you come in for an appointment, you can trust Dr. McAlpin to:

  • Evaluate your spinal health
  • Be on the lookout for potential injuries
  • Identify the causes of any injury or discomfort you’re experiencing
  • Recommend lifestyle changes or strengthening exercises to correct issues

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